Alexander Pike

As an undergrad, Alexander co-wrote and co-starred in a musical about introducing philosophic thought into everyday life. Reviews included, “better than I expected it to be,” and, “honestly, objectively, pretty mediocre.”

Around the office, people often say, “Ask Alex. He might know the answer.” While he isn’t quite a walking encyclopedia, he’s close. Maybe that’s because he reads a lot, from conventional novels to literary criticisms. He has a keen interest in politics (hence, his favorite TV show is “The West Wing”). Or, maybe it’s all because he’s a fan of napping every chance he gets, allowing his brain to rest properly.

On a more serious note, Alex received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from the University of Oregon and his Juris Doctor degree from Pacific McGeorge School of Law. He volunteered at the Family Law Facilitator’s Office in Yolo County and the Yolo County Department of Child Support Services.

One of the strangest incidents he’s experienced at the Family Law Facilitator’s Office involved a man who walked up to Alex’s desk and, apropos of nothing, announced that he had committed bank fraud and needed help “fixing” it. At that moment, the man was within shouting distance of two judges, two bailiffs, and a security guard.

In his spare time, Alex practices Kuk Sool Won, a Korean martial art. In fact, he’s a first-degree black belt. Otherwise, you might find him playing video games like the Dark Souls series, or listening to music like atmospheric EDM, trance, and chillstep.

Alex’s favorite place to visit is home. Maybe that’s because he had a disturbing experience in Hawaii when a sea turtle assaulted him. Unfortunately (or fortunately), he learned that we can still be understood when we scream “Oh, my God” underwater. Disturbing a sea turtle is a crime in Hawaii that can result in a ticket of up to $3,000. Apparently, when the “disturbing” is in reverse, the sea turtle is not ticketed.

Most importantly, however, Alex is good at helping his clients understand the complex legal issues they face. He also has a great deal of familiarity with the internal and governmental aspects of family law, having worked on that side of things for more than three years. These talents, besides his years of experience and sense of humor, make him an asset to all the clients he serves.