Depression Can Trigger Emotional Difficulties and Divorce for Married Couples

It has long been known that joy and positivity as well as depression can both have very different implications for a marriage. Those individuals who cope with depression with either one partner or both partners are more likely to go through arguments and have difficulty moving forward with a relationship or maintaining a strong marriage.

One partner who is experiencing extreme side effects of depression may lose the desire for intimacy, which can trigger other emotional outcomes in the other partner. The other partner may feel unwanted, unloved or question the depressed partner's level of trust and commitment to the relationship.

Although depressions symptoms may look slightly different from one person to another, the implications of this diagnosis can be far-reaching. It might start off as feeling disconnected from the other spouse, but it can also lead to more advanced issues like lack of trust and damaged communication.

When depression has been treated, a couple can actually grow more closely together if they both acknowledge this situation and work hard to repair communication and trust. However, when depression becomes the overwhelming theme inside the relationship and the marriage, couples may be contemplating divorce.

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