Property Division

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To put it simply, community property is the “stuff” you accumulated during your marriage.

While working out the property division with your spouse may seem impossible given the powerful emotions involved in divorce, it is beneficial to you to try. Why? For one thing, you and your spouse have the best understanding of what you own and what matters most to each of you. Paying an attorney to fight for a coffee table is not in your best interest.

Some tips to consider in working towards a property division agreement include:

  • List all your assets, and take pictures of them

  • Take into account the depreciation in value of certain assets

  • Determine what assets, such as art or jewelry, should be appraised

  • Try to be reasonable about the difference between the value a certain piece of property might have on the open market and what emotional or sentimental value the item has for one of the parties involved

Of course, given the emotions involved in a divorce, this type of cooperation is not always possible. In that case, working with a mediator is usually more economical than litigation.

As experienced Sacramento property division lawyers at Crider Law, we can help you mediate the division of your property. If mediation still does not resolve the dispute, we are eminently capable and willing to take the matter to Court to protect your interests. Contact us today for an initial consultation.