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To put it sim­ply, com­mu­ni­ty prop­er­ty is the “stuff” you accu­mu­lat­ed dur­ing your mar­riage.

While work­ing out the prop­er­ty divi­sion with your spouse may seem impos­si­ble giv­en the pow­er­ful emo­tions involved in divorce, it is ben­e­fi­cial to you to try. Why? For one thing, you and your spouse have the best under­stand­ing of what you own and what mat­ters most to each of you. Pay­ing an attor­ney to fight for a cof­fee table is not in your best inter­est.

Some tips to con­sid­er in work­ing towards a prop­er­ty divi­sion agree­ment include:

  • List all your assets, and take pic­tures of them

  • Take into account the depre­ci­a­tion in val­ue of cer­tain assets

  • Deter­mine what assets, such as art or jew­el­ry, should be appraised

  • Try to be rea­son­able about the dif­fer­ence between the val­ue a cer­tain piece of prop­er­ty might have on the open mar­ket and what emo­tion­al or sen­ti­men­tal val­ue the item has for one of the par­ties involved

Of course, giv­en the emo­tions involved in a divorce, this type of coop­er­a­tion is not always pos­si­ble. In that case, work­ing with a medi­a­tor is usu­al­ly more eco­nom­i­cal than lit­i­ga­tion.

As expe­ri­enced Sacra­men­to prop­er­ty divi­sion lawyers at Crid­er Law, we can help you medi­ate the divi­sion of your prop­er­ty. If medi­a­tion still does not resolve the dis­pute, we are emi­nent­ly capa­ble and will­ing to take the mat­ter to Court to pro­tect your inter­ests. Con­tact us today for an ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion.